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Art Murals

In light of having more visual-based posts. I wanted to share some art that has happened during my student experience.

Close up shot of the individual tiles of paintings students painted.

These were murals that are made up small tiles of paintings from other students that visited the SFU Surrey Campus. It is to commemorate the 20th anniversary since the inception of the campus.

Over the shoulder photo of students painting on a table with paint.

Of course, these murals did not form quickly. They required a lot of shuffling. It reminded me of Tetris crossed over with a Puzzle.

Photo of tiles of painting spread out on a white/blank backboard that is being shuffled to create the giant big picture - the mural


A photo from top down of the two murals. Mural on the left is an image of a building from SFU (engineering building) with trees on both sides. Mural on the right has a large tree with iconic surrey building tower in it.

In the end…. Both pieces turned out quite well! They look quite amazing. I can’t wait to see them put up.

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